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Harold and Maude Tickets

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  • EastendersLinda Marlowe and Patrick Walshe McBride star in this new production of Harold and Maude at the Charing Cross Theatre.

    Based on the hit 1971 film, Harold and Maude is an idiosyncratic fable told through the eyes of the most unlikely pairing: a compulsive, self-destructive young man who attends funerals for entertainment and a devil-may-care, septuagenarian bohemian.

    Equal parts dark comedy and romantic innocence, Harold and Maude dissolves the line between darkness and light along with ones that separate people by class, gender and age.

    The cast also includes Anthony Cable (The Woman in White), Rebecca Caine (Flowers For Mrs Harris), Christopher Dickins (Ragtime), Joanna Hickman (Ragtime), Samuel Townsend (84 Charing Cross Road), Anne White (Love in the Past Participle) and Johnson Willis (Dido Queen of Carthage).

    Written by Colin Higgins, who also wrote the film's screenplay, and directed by Thom Southerland.

    At the Charing Cross Theatre in London until 12 May 2018, book your Harold and Maude tickets today!


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     'This uniquely dark romantic comedy makes for a hilariously twisted two hours'
    'A great big existential crisis that is full of genuinely funny moments'

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