Four & five star reviews for Let The Right One In

Four & five star reviews for Let The Right One In

Updated On: May 1, 2018
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    Coming-of-age vampire story LET THE RIGHT ONE IN received four and five star reviews from critics following its opening night at the newly refurbished Apollo Theatre.

    The Guardian's Lyn Gardner gave five stars to the National Theatre Scotland's first West End transfer, praising its “exquisitely beautiful and heartbreakingly sad staging”.

    This “sensitive, ambiguous adaptation” about the love between a vampire and a bullied schoolboy, is based on the novel and film by Swedish writer John Ajvide Lindqvist. The stage is set in a “silver-birch world that is as much in an icy grip as Narnia,” thanks to Christine Jones's “eerie, atmospheric design.”

    “The ambiguities of the story, its comic potential and lingering tragedies, are not shirked, and John Tiffany's production – textured with Ólafur Arnalds' score and Steven Hoggett's movement – is so painfully tender.”

    The Evening Standard, Independent, Financial Times and Telegraph all awarded four stars. Sarah Hemming of the Financial Times praised “John Tiffany's spellbinding production” for taking on a fairy tale quality, feeling like “an old, old story… combining dysfunctional domestic detail with the supernatural.”

    Hemming also praised the two leads “beautifully played, with Martin Quinn very touching as the awkward, troubled Oskar and Rebecca Benson outstanding as the seriously strange Eli.”

    The Evening Standard's Fiona Mountford observed “an air of wistfulness, longing and loneliness to John Tiffany’s appealing, occasionally ethereal production, which is underscored by a thrillingly haunting soundscape from Gareth Fry.”

    “In Jack Thorne's spare yet engaging script… there are cherishable moments of tender, tentative romance as the two misfits disregard all practicalities and start to fall for each other. Benson is sensationally good, conveying just enough of an idea of otherworldliness and planting a note of carefully quelled confusion into every sentence Eli utters.”

    The Telegraph's Charles Spencer declared the new stage version of Lindqvist's fable “does something remarkable. It wrings from the schlocky vampire genre a work of genuine artistry and depth of feeling.”

    “Every bit as good as the original Swedish movie,” this “touching and quirky vampire drama” boasts some gratifyingly scary scenes. “Martin Quinn proves both funny and touching as the gauche teenage hero, whose divorced parents are both completely inadequate in their different ways and who is cruelly bullied at school… Rebecca Benson manages to be scary while also conveying an impression of deep hurt.”

    “Among the supporting cast there is a particularly dark and striking performance from Clive Mendus as Eli's protector... meanwhile, Graeme Dalling, Cristian Ortega and Angus Miller are horribly persuasive as the bullies who make Oskar's life unbearable.”

    At the Apollo Theatre until 27 September 2014, book your LET THE RIGHT ONE IN tickets today!