Ticket Insurance

Booking Cancellation Protection
The booking vendor will provide you with a refund for any unused booking if you are unable to attend the booked event due to any of the circumstances set out below.
The following words or phrases have the meaning shown below wherever they appear in bold in this document.
Accident A bodily injury confirmed by adoctorthat prevents you from attending thebooked event.
You/Your/Yourself A person who has made abookingalone or as part of agroupwith us.
Doctor A qualified medical practitioner registered with a recognised professional body. Adoctorcannot beyourselfor a member ofyour immediate family.
Emergency Services The Police, Fire and Rescue Service or Emergency Medical Services
Booking/Booked event The pre-planned and pre-booked service(s) / event(s) /ticket(s)transacted withusbyyouand provided within theUnited Kingdom
Group Any number of people who have made abookingwith the booking vendor with Booking Refund Protection in the same transaction.
Illness A physical or mental condition confirmed by adoctorthat preventsyoufrom attending thebooked event.
Immediate familyYourhusband, wife, partner, civil partner, parent, child, brother or sister.
Normal Pregnancy Symptoms which normally accompany pregnancy (including multiple pregnancy) and which are generally of a minor and/or temporary nature (e.g. morning sickness, fatigue etc.) which do not represent a medical hazard to mother or baby.
Pre-existing medical condition Any disease, illness or injury (whether diagnosed or not) existing at or before the date of booking and for which medical advice or treatment has been sought in the 12 months preceding the date of booking.
Public Transport Network Any mode of public transport other than public hire taxis licensed for public use on which thecustomerhad planned to travel to abooked eventwithin theUnited Kingdom.
Ticket A non-refundable, authorisedticketthat was purchased from a recognised and reputable booking vendor where Booking Refund Protection has been purchased at the same time as purchasing theticket(s).
United Kingdom England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man
We/us/our The booking vendor with whomyoumade thebooking.
What we will refund?
Wewill refund the cost ofyour bookingif you are unable to attend a booked event due to:
  • unexpected disruption of thepublic transport networkyou could not have reasonably known about before the date or time of thebooked event;
  • the death,accident, orillnesshappening toyou, a member ofyour immediate familyor any person(s) in thegroupdue to attend thebooked eventwithyou;
  • The mechanical breakdown, accident, fire or theft en route of a private vehicle takingyouto thebooked event;
  • jury service whichyouwere unaware of at the time of thebooking;
  • Burglary or fire atyourresidence in the 48 hours immediately before thebooked eventrequiring attendance of theemergency services;
  • youbeing summoned to appear at court proceedings as a witness whichyouwere unaware of at the time ofbooking;
  • youbeing a member of the armed forces and being posted abroad and/or having leave withdrawn unexpectedly whichyouwere unaware of at the time of thebooking;
  • adverse weather including snow, frost, fog or storm where the Police service or other Government agency have issued warnings not to travel.
What we will not refund?
Wewill not provide a refund where:
  • anillnessor the death ofyou, a member ofyour groupor a member ofyour immediate familyis caused by or is as a result of apre-existing medical condition;
  • you cannot provide adoctor’sreport foraccidentorillness;
  • the symptoms that accompany anormal pregnancyare the sole reasonyoucannot attend abooked event;
  • youcannot return any unusedticketsor vouchers forming part of thebooking;
  • youcannot provide evidence of the unusedticketswhen applying for a refund;
  • thebooked eventis cancelled, abandoned, postponed, curtailed or relocated;
  • youdecide not to attend abooked eventother than for a reason included within this Booking Refund Protection;
  • youare prevented from travelling to abooked eventdue to disruption of thepublic transport networkwhich is public knowledge prior to thebooked event;
  • youcan recover any part of thebooking;
  • inourreasonable opinion,youdid not allow sufficient time to travel to abooked event;
  • youcarry out a criminal act which preventsyouattending abooked event;
  • youare prevented from travelling to abooked eventdue to an outbreak of a contagious disease and the Government or any agency acting on behalf of the Government has imposed a ban on travel.
  • youmake a false or fraudulent refund application or support a refund application by false or fraudulent document, device or statement.
  • the cancellation results from physical or financial failure of air transport or airlines or delays resulting from air travel.
Wewill not pay for travelling or associated expenses (unless travel costs are included as part of the total booking price), or any loss other than the purchase price, including booking fee, of thebooked event.
Wewill not pay any consequence of war, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolutions, insurrection, military or usurped power, riot, civil commotion, strikes, lockout, terrorism, malicious intent or vandalism, confiscation or nationalisation of or requisition or destruction of or damage to property by or under the order of any government or public or local authority.
Wewill not pay any loss caused directly or indirectly by:
  • ionising radiations or contamination by radioactivity from nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste from the combustion of nuclear fuel;
  • the radioactive toxic explosive or other hazardous properties of any explosive nuclear assembly or nuclear component thereof.
Wewill not pay any loss caused directly or indirectly by damage or destruction directly occasioned by pressure waves caused by aircraft or other aerial devices travelling at sonic or supersonic speeds.
Wewill not pay any costsyouincur in submitting or providing evidence to supportyourrefund application.
General Conditions
a)youmust make all necessary arrangements to arrive at the event on time.
b)youmust not be aware of any material fact, matter or circumstance, at the time Booking Refund Protection is purchased, which may give rise to a refund request.
c)youmust take all reasonable precautions to prevent or reduce any request for a refund.
d) Unlessweagree otherwise:
i) the language of this document and all communications relating to it will be English; and
ii) all aspects of the contract, including negotiation and performance, are subject to English law and the decisions of English courts.
Requesting a Refund
Youmust either visitwww.ticketplangroup.com/refund-application-formand complete an online refund application form or write tousat
TicketPlan Administration Service, Leigh House, Broadway West, Leigh On Sea, Essex, SS9 2DD
in order to request a refund application form as soon as reasonably possible after becoming aware of circumstances that may leadyouto request a refund.
Youmay be asked to provide atyourown expense the following:
  • the originalunusedtickets and vouchers for all parts of thebooking;
  • adoctor’sreport whereyourrefund request is foraccidentorillnessor a death certificate where your refund request is for death;
  • an official notice from the transport service provider in the event of delay, cancellation, mechanical breakdown oraccidentin relation to thepublic transport network;
  • for the breakdown of a private vehicle, a vehicle recovery service report (AA, RAC or equivalent), copy of garage repair bill or parts receipt or in the case of a motor refund request, confirmation from the vehicle motor insurers, vehicle repairers or police;
  • the original jury invitation invitingyouto be a juror;
  • in the event of a burglary the police report with crime reference number;
  • the original witness summons requestingyouto appear in court;
  • original advice of cancellation of leave/advice to travel at short notice in relation to military service
  • print out or screen grab from Met Office website/confirmation of Police Warning for weather applications
  • any reasonable additional evidence thatweask for.
Full Terms and Conditions