The High Table

  • TBC

Temi Wilkey brings this hilarious and heart-breaking debut play, THE HIGH TABLE, to the BUSH THEATRE.

That’s actually what me and Leah came here to talk to you about. Look – there’s no easy away of saying this, but… Leah and I are getting married.

The dresses are chosen, the venue’s been booked and the RSVP’s are flooding in. But with her wedding to Leah drawing nearer, Tara’s future is thrown into jeopardy when her Nigerian parents refuse to attend.  This kind of love is unheard of they say, it’s not African.

High above London, suspended between the stars, three of Tara’s ancestors are jolted from their eternal rest. Stubborn and opinionated, they keep watch as family secrets are spilled and the rift widens between Tara and her parents. Can these representatives of generations passed keep the family together? And will Tara’s decision ever get their blessing?

An epic family drama played out between the heavens and earth, THE HIGH TABLE is the hilarious and heart-breaking debut play from Temi Wilkey.

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