Romeo & Juliet

Part of the Globe Theatre‘s 2020 season; Romeo & Juliet

Shakespeare’s romantic tragedy speaks of destiny, chance and fortune all sparked by a historic family feud.
Romeo and Juliet die. It’s not a spoiler. It’s written in the stars. Fate. Final. Finite.
But what if it isn’t?
What might have happened if other choices had been made? What if all the tragedy and heartache could have been avoided? What if the loss of those young lives could have been prevented?

One fairer than my love! the all-seeing sun Ne’er saw her match since first the world begun.’

Act I, scene 2

Starring Alfred Enoch as Romeo


Booking Period
From 14 April - 12 July 2020

Weekly Performances
Sunday 1:00PM, 6:30PM
Tuesday 2:00PM, 7:30PM
Wednesday 2:00PM, 7:30PM
Thursday 2:00PM, 7:30PM
Friday 2:00PM, 7:30PM
Saturday 2:00PM

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