Four and five star reviews for Derren Brown's live show Miracle

Four and five star reviews for Derren Brown's live show Miracle

Updated On: May 1, 2018
By Nicki McIntyre
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    Derren Brown has made a triumphant return to London's West End, earning four and five star reviews for his brand new live show Miracle.

    The multi-award winning master of psychological illusion received five stars from The Telegraph and four stars from The Guardian and Evening Standard.

    Dominic Cavendish of The Telegraph gave Derren Brown five stars; "At the Palace Theatre, the grandest theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue, the illusionist, hypnotist, mind-reader and wonder-worker extraordinaire Derren Brown is doing something completely astounding... The finest work of his I've seen since he first made waves in 2000."

    The Guardian's Brian Logan gave Brown four stars, calling Miracle "a playful, perplexing night of Derren-do... The nation's favourite mentalist explores faith healing in a show that leaves sceptics’ and believers’ minds jitterbugging... undeniably a thrill."

    Bruce Dessau of the Evening Standard also gave Miracle four stars, describing it as, "A show of gobsmackingly wonderful moments." He continued, "Much of what he does defies words. Some tricks, with sharp and dangerous objects, have roots in traditional magic, but there is invariably a gut-wrenching twist... The show divides neatly into two sections: deft quickfire illusions plus one spectacular extended feat... Enjoy the spell-binding entertainment."

    Derren Brown - Miracle is running at London's Palace Theatre until Saturday 16 January 2016.