Five Stars for Bend it Like Beckham the Musical!

Five Stars for Bend it Like Beckham the Musical!

Updated On: May 1, 2018
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    The highly-anticipated new musical adaptation of the 2002 hit film Bend it Like Beckham opened last night at London’s Phoenix Theatre to rave reviews!

    With five stars, the Telegraph’s Dominic Cavendish declares the musical “a bold, beautifully British triumph,” and urges the audience to “prepare to be transported and uplifted in a way that few British musicals manage to achieve.” Cavendish gives glowing praise to Natalie Dew’s “highly personable, gutsily determined Jess” who “lifts the show into a league of its own.”

    In the Independent, Paul Taylor makes it clear in his five-star review: “This is the most irresistibly joyous musical-theatre make-over of a much-loved movie since Billy Elliot,” and notes “how rare and refreshing in this particular genre to find young characters who aspire to something different from breaking into show business.” Taylor praises writer and creator Gurinder Chadha’s adaptation of her film, which he declares “reinvents rather than recycles the material.” 

    Mark Shenton, of The Stage, with five stars, declares Bend it Like Beckham an “explosion of colour, community and creativity, shot through with exhilarating energy and genuine heart.” He goes on to describe the musical’s score by composer Howard Goodall and lyricist Charles Hart as “a series of instantly memorable pop tunes folded within an Asian-influenced carpet of sound and [Goodall’s] own signature fusion of competing thematic lines.” Shenton wraps up: “It is, to borrow the title of the show's second-act opener, glorious.”

    The Daily Mail’s Quentin Letts sums the musical up in his five-star review: “The sheer fun of it is irresistible and it can legitimately claim to have a social message about the importance of minorities assimilating and allowing their young to find their own paths in modern Britain. That may mean bending a football or bending a few of the old-world rules.”

    Michael Coveney of WhatsOnStage praises Bend it Like Beckham's score and staging in his four-star review, saying the “culture clash between the Punjabi Sikhs and the white Brits gains another dimension in Goodall's music, which decorates the lyrical and ensemble numbers with Asian musical curlicues and goes for flat-out Bollywood exuberance in the social choruses, cleverly combining plot and the skilful boomerang shot - as the ball flies round the auditorium.”

    BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM is playing at the Phoenix Theatre – book your tickets today!