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Collapsible Tickets

Bush Theatre, London, W12 8LJ
From £22.00
  • Margaret Perry brings her hilarious monologue, Collapsible, to the Bush Theatre. I'll tell you what I really want. I want to jump clean out of my brain. Essie's lost her job. Her girlfriend's left. But she's alright. Except lately she feels more like a chair than a person. One of those folding chairs. Solid for one minute. And then. From award-winning Irish writer Margaret Perry (Porcelain, Abbey Theatre), Collapsible is a funny, furious new monologue about holding on in this collapsing world. For anyone who has ever felt crumbly.  Winner of the Origins Award for Outstanding New Work, VAULT Festival 2019. At the Bush Theatre from 5 February 2020 to 14 March 2020, book your Collapsible tickets today!

  • Bush Theatre

    W12 8LJ

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