One Night Records present: Lockdown Town

One Night Records, a brand-new immersive music experience, launches this October 2020 at a secret London Bridge location. 

Please note: the price listed per ticket is for one household. (Max 4 persons)

For a limited initial run, the exciting new live event, the first of its kind to be designed as a social distanced experience, will offer guests the chance to spend a unique night out together with a group of friends or family in a specially designed safe environment.

Through a maze of hidden tunnels, One Night Records is an immersive gateway into a whole secret world of live music and a celebration of the bold innovators and rule breaking music makers of the 1950s back to the 1920s. Throughout history, music has been one of the most disruptive and unifying forces of culture and society. One Night Records, promises just this – a musical adventure and a unique night out in a world adapting to a new future. Traveling back in time through music’s radical energy with a group of friends or family, visitors will experience live music and its disruptive nature as never seen before.

The producers are pleased to announce that as the first socially distanced immersive event, One Night Records provides a safe environment to spend a night out with up to four family members or friends, once again enjoying an evening of live music, food and drink. Stepping into the secret venue, individual groups embark on this specially curated musical journey. Limited spaces for each night are on sale, alongside staggered arrivals, to ensure social distancing and further measures are in place with the guarantee to meet all official guidelines on events and gatherings.

For ages 13 +

Please note: 

Contains strong language, haze, smoking and gunshots

Booking Period
From From October 2020

Weekly Performances
Monday Entry until 9:00PM
Tuesday Entry until 9:00PM
Wednesday Entry until 9:00PM
Thursday Entry until 9:00PM
Friday Entry until 9:00PM

For booking enquiries

0800 912 6959

9am-10pm Monday to Saturday
10am-8pm Sundays GMT

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