LOVEtheatre Day 2021

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The 17th of November marks LOVEtheatre Day and here at LOVEtheatre, we really do LOVE theatre so are celebrating in style.

After the uncertain year and a half we’ve had, we want to encourage everyone to support UK theatre by purchasing a ticket to see one of your favourite shows. With all West End theatres now officially open again, there’s more theatre than ever to choose from!

All of us here at LOVEtheatre are elated that theatre is well and truly back again. The joy it brings for a moment in time when you can switch off from the outside world and fully engage in a show. We asked our team to each pick one of their favourite shows – it was tricky to just choose one, but they did it! Read on to hear what we think of some of the best of the West End:

You wouldn’t expect the story of COME FROM AWAY, on paper, to be as uplifting as the actual experience is. It tells the story of a community in Newfoundland who put their lives on hold to help 7,000 stranded travellers who arrive there in the wake of the 9/11 attack. The show was written based on interviews with real Newfoundlanders who experienced it for themselves. The songs are filled with folk charm and the cast perform with high energy and infectious warmth. You will find yourself fully immersed for the entire 100 minutes and will laugh, cry and dance.

Seeing MATILDA was one of the greatest evenings I’ve ever spent at the theatre. A beautiful score with clever lyrics by Tim Minchin, insanely demanding choreography by Peter Darling and the most dedicated and fearless cast all came together to bring Roald Dahl’s magic to life. This is a show that is truly fun for all ages and shouldn’t be missed. My only regret is that I can’t see it for the first time again.

Jaws was one of my favourite films growing up so this behind-the-scenes drama of the Hollywood blockbuster was a witty and delightful insight into the cultural phenomenon. But fear not, even if you haven’t seen the movie, it’s still a hilarious night out with a fascinating peep into filmmaking – not to be missed!

& Juliet is a feel good show with a message of acceptance that will have you dancing in your seat. What if Juliet’s famous ending was really just her beginning? Packed with some of the most catchy songs of recent years as well as ones that will bring you straight back to your childhood, this hilarious new musical is a great night out.

The number one question I’m always asked is “can you get me free tickets for a show” (the answer, for the record, is always NO!) After that they ask me what show I would recommend for them. My answer to that question is always THE BOOK OF MORMON. It’s musical theatre at its best. Written by the team behind South Park, it’s visually stunning with memorable songs and full of very naughty humour. Perfect for everyone… well, those who don’t get offended easily.

Throwing it back to last year, we put together this video with some of your favourite West End stars asking them what they LOVE most about theatre. Since it’s our favourite, we’re bringing it back this year too! Check out the video below to see what they said.

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