The Wider Earth
The Wider Earth

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Natural History Museum - Jerwood Gallery, London, SW7 5BD
  • A new theatre in the Natural History Museum will be unveiled for the European premiere of award-winning drama The Wider Earth.

    Before Darwin changed the world, one voyage changed his life...

    Join the 22-year-old Darwin on HMS Beagle's daring voyage to the far side of the world, and discover the gripping story behind one of the most important discoveries in history. 

    The Wider Earth features a cast of seven, remarkable puppetry, an original score and cinematic animations to bring to life uncharted landscapes in the theatrical event of 2018.

    This is a partnership project between Trish Wadley Productions, Dead Puppet Society and the Natural History Museum.

    At the Jerwood GalleryNatural History Museum in London from 13 October to 30 December 2018, book your The Wider Earth tickets today!

    Please note:
    *Recommended for ages 10+.
    **Contains haze and smoke, strobe lighting and gunshot sound effects.

  • Natural History Museum - Jerwood Gallery

    Cromwell Road,
    SW7 5BD

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