Discover the astonishing line-up for La Soiree at the Aldwych Theatre

Discover the astonishing line-up for La Soiree at the Aldwych Theatre

Updated On: May 1, 2018
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    This year, La Soirée bring their own brand of mischief to London's grand Aldwych Theatre over the festive season.

    Today, they announced their most daring line up to date. Putting the Aldwych Theatre in a spin, La Soirée will transform this traditional theatre into an intimate cabaret club. Prepare to be charmed, astonished and electrified by the very loveable crème de la crème of the cabaret world:

    The Chilly Brothers - featuring Nathan Briscoe and Maxime Blackaert 
    From Canada to the Baltic Sea, they have captivated audiences with their epic performances in the death-defying art of the Russian Cradle. Prepare to be on the edge of your seat throughout their jaw-dropping and surreal display of human strength and precision. 

    Mallakhamb India! - featuring Rajesh Amrale and Rajesh Rao
    Rarely performed outside of its homeland of India, the amazing and ancient art of Mallakhamb will astound you. Mesmerising and immensely powerful, this pair of acrobats will blow you away with their extraordinary mix of strength, speed and skill.

    Lea Hinz
    Record-breaking, six-time German Rhythmic Gymnastics Champion, shecombines enchanting grace and flexibility with dynamic power and strength, giving aerial hoop a truly unique spin! This dazzling aerial act will leave you feeling sky-high. 

    LJ Marles
    This homegrown Hackney talent has been wowing audiences all over the world with his revolutionary aerial concept. With breathtaking balance and pinpoint precision, he takes aerial straps to whole new heights. 

    Michele Clark 
    From China to the USA, this daringly dexterous hula-hooper has entranced crowds across the globe with her risky rotations and inexplicable illusions. Bringing together unique skill and distinct flair, these hoop tricks will spin you dizzy.

    Fancy Chance
    Completely self-taught, Fancy Chance has been dangling by her locks, burlesque-clowning it and causing general mischief for over a decade.

    Leon Fagbemi and Klodi Dbakiewicz
    Smouldering Leon Fagbemi showcases sublime strength, while the fiery Klodi Dbakiewicz boasts mind-bending flexibility. Together, they share sumptuous grace and sensuality in their seductive and passionate hand to hand performance.

    Amy G
    The inimitable Amy G returns to La Soirée with her intoxicating mix of virtuosic physical, musical and stand-up comedy, which is guaranteed to leave you astonished, dizzy, and giggling inappropriately. 

    Cabaret Decadanse - featuring André-Anne Leblanc and Stephen Quinlan
    Don't miss this rollicking, sassy, sexy and hilarious puppet feast for adults, in which the puppeteers are as mesmerizing as the puppets themselves.  

    Daredevil Chicken Club - featuring Jonathan Taylor and Ann Goldman
    This hilarious duo will have your sides splitting with their vaudevillian verve and matrimonial mischief, mixing raunchy slapstick and 80’s pop melodrama.

    And, for the first time this year, La Petite Soirée will have the spirit of La Soirée running deep through its veins with a little less of the sauce! Playing on Saturday afternoons, this fun, family-friendly show is suitable cabaret fans of all ages.

    More artists to be announced soon. 

    At the Aldwych Theatre from Friday 24 November 2017 to Saturday 3 February 2018, book your La Soirée tickets today!