Q&A: Motown The Musical's Sifiso Mazibuko

Q&A: Motown The Musical's Sifiso Mazibuko

Updated On: May 1, 2018
By Nicki McIntyre
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    We sat down with Sifiso Mazibuko who will take on the role of the legendary late singer Marvin Gaye when Motown The Musical starts previews Thursday 11 February at the Shaftesbury Theatre.

    What is your favourite song to perform and why?

    Sifiso Mazibuko: I have to say “Grapevine” because ever since I can remember, that was one song that stuck to me when I was young. I just remember hearing it. I don’t remember if it was in the house or where, I just remember hearing the song and I always loved grooving to it. Then I started growing an attachment to the person who was singing the song, because I didn’t know who sang the song. Then I found out it was Marvin Gaye and I discovered all his other hits and I fell in love with him. But “Grapevine” has got more of a sentimental attachment for me. 

    What is the one Motown hit that’s not in the show that you wish was?

    Sifiso Mazibuko: I wish “Let’s Get It On” was in the show. Just for myself, because I would love to get it on and do that song.

    Do you feel more pressure or excitement at the prospect of taking on such iconic and influential people?

    Sifiso Mazibuko: Everyone knows about Marvin Gaye and has a picture of him in their mind because he was just so big. I’m reading his biography at the moment, and I can’t describe how interesting the man was, he was just unbelievable. I can imagine that being in the same room with him would’ve been really great, and a lot of people have so many different stories about him. There is pressure because he is just so iconic, but that’s OK with me.

    Why do you think Motown is such a great show for people to see?

    Sifiso Mazibuko: It is Mr. Gordy’s story through and through. He’s told it like it is. What’s great about Motown is that the whole idea behind it was just family, and you’ll see that in the show. For us as performers in this experience, we’re also growing together, getting so close and attached as a family, which is something really special. So the story within itself is a beautiful story, but it’s being told the way Mr. Gordy himself wants it to be told, so there are no misconceptions or theories. Not everyone is going to read his autobiography, although I do recommend people to read it because it’s amazing. But it’s seeing his life story through live theatre.   

    If you could sum up the show in 3 words, what would they be?

    Sifiso Mazibuko: Honest, electrifying and passion.